Associative Meetings

 Meeting, sharing, participation, interviews and awareness with the following associations :

Globice, Kelonia, Vie Oceane, Duo Ocean, La Seor, La SPA et Best Run.

- Globice : Cetacean Center /

- Kelonia : Turtles Medical Center /

- Vie Oceane : Marine Protection Association /

- Duo Ocean : Cetacean awareness /

- La Seor : Ornithological Studies Society /

- SPA : Refuge for stray and abandoned domestic animals /

- Best Run : Association for the preservation of biodiversity / 






Waste Cleaning

Waste cleaning on land, on beaches and at sea.

Surf Beach

Les 3 Bassins : Reunion Island

Kelonia Beach

Saint-Leu : Reunion Island

Underwater Cleaning

Gerona : Spain

Galet Beach

Vis : Croatia

 Plastic Waste Cleaning

Animal Protection

Protection of endemic species, endangered animals, detection and alert.

3 outings were made to feed the birds during the winter period of 2021.

Musical Events

The TARA association also works in events with "Guitar Events" to promote the cause, find income and educate people through music.

Several musical events (Concerts, Guitar Camp, Masterclass ...) will be organized with different artists in order to raise funds for projects of 2020 & 2021 on the 
Reunion and Mayotte Islands for animal and environmental protection.

Reunion Island and Mayotte Island for animal and environmental protection.

Charity concert given by musicians Don Alder, Kevuan, Justin St Pierre and Dmitry Lisenko in order to raise funds for the association "La SEOR".