Who Are We ?

We are an association (non-profit law 1901) created to provide assistance in the fight for animal and environmental protection.

TARA engages with musicians, international artists, scientists, divers and animal lovers in order to raise awareness and move things forward a little more every day !

Our activities converge around a single word : PAF = Protection - Awareness - Future.

Our Protection initiatives are planned through :

- Cleaning of land and sea pollution

- Denunciation of abuse & exploitation of animals

- Protection of endemic species

- Help to other associations in the field

- Anti-poaching missions with our brigades abroad

Our Awareness campaigns take place through :

- The dissemination of information on the internet (official website, youtube, facebook, instagram).

- Demonstrations

- Conferences

- Musical events (Guitar Camp, Charity Concerts)

- The projection of documentary film produced during our missions

- Meeting with schools

Our steps to create a sustainable Future :

It is all of these activities, approaches and fights that will allow mentalities to evolve. In order to obtain a better future for animal and plant species and therefore for future generations.

Let us not forget, that man depends on nature and its inhabitants... animals.

Our Team


Oceanologist, Geologist, Biologist, Biochemist, Scientific Writing.

Maritime S.

Captain, Diver, Freediver, Maritime Gendarme, Firefighter.


Videographer, Professional Drone, Sound Engineer, Photographer.


Engineer, Mechanic, Carpenter, Artists, Communication...



Our sponsors are committed, such as the German brand "Ortega Guitars". 

It offers guitar strings that respect the environment. Instead of oil-based plastic, treble strings are made of plants. 

Another point, the brand offers 100% Vegan straps, no animal leather used !