The Reunion Island

During the period of August 2020, the TARA association will organize the arrival of 5 international guitarists from the 4 corners of the globe on Reunion Island. 

Including 5 countries which will be France, Quebec, the United States, Russia and Colombia. This non-profit initiative has for main interest, that of raising awareness on poaching, the current state of our oceans and animal abuse, by carrying out several stages ...

The first, will be the organization of a "Guitar Camp", a guitar training course of several days, allowing fans to meet, exchange and learn from their idols. During this event, the trainees will learn to improve with their instrument, but they will also participate in a day of cleaning the beaches victims of various pollution killing every day hundreds of animals and marine mammals.

This activity will be undertaken by all members of the course as well as teachers and other local associations. We will raise awareness about the responsibilities we have towards animals and respect for our pretty planet.

The musicians will also perform a charity concert in order to support these local associations which fight every day for animal life and the environment.


The 2nd, we will leave on the island of Mayotte to join the local association "Oulanga Nya Namba" in order to denounce poaching. We will go directly to the field to find out more about this turtle massacre which takes place every year on this superb island

Night teams will be on site, we will also perform collective cleaning on these beaches. We plan to meet the children of the island, to raise their awareness, as well as to hand over instruments (ukuleles) to the local music school, graciously donated by our sponsor "Ortega Guitars".

 The 5 musicians will go to meet several local associations like "Kelonia" (association of sea turtles), "Globice" (association of pilot whales and cetaceans), the "SPA" (in particular for dogs and cats) in order to collect their relevant testimonies, opinions and messages that will allow us to make a documentary on the far side of the island

Stop Killing !!!

Poaching, pollution, tourism, destruction of natural habitats, global warming must be stopped as soon as possible !!!